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    The Alchemist

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    Mysteriorum Aromaticus: The Ancient Art of Alchemical Perfume

    Dive into a world of ancient mystique and modern allure with our latest Halloween box box set. Inspired by the legendary journey of Alastair the Alchemist, this exclusive collection captures the essence of time, nature, and ethereal magic.

     With the Alchemist box set, you're not just crafting a fragrance; you're weaving stories, emotions, and a dash of ancient magic into every drop. Whether you're a fragrance aficionado, a lover of tales, or someone seeking a unique olfactory journey, this collection promises an experience that's as enchanting as the legend of Alastair himself.

    Gift it to a loved one or indulge yourself in this alchemical adventure, and let the magic of scents transport you through time and imagination.

    Product Features:

    • Handmade Design: The exterior of the box mimics an alchemist's ancient formula book, complete with intricate detailing and ethereal markings, making it a timeless keepsake or an enchanting centerpiece. These wood boxes are each hand printed, labeled and assembled. Each box includes interactive elements to unlock the secrets of Alastair's formulas. When you first open the box, the included blue  frosted glass perfume vial will glow distinctly as if by supernatural forces.
    • Magical Elixirs: Inside, discover eight vials of concentrated scents, each one a masterpiece crafted from Alastair's age-old formulas. From the alluring Love and Attraction Elixir to the grounding Elemental and Nature Perfume, each scent tells a tale of its own.
    • Create Your Potion: Be the alchemist of your destiny. Mix and match the elixirs to craft a personalized fragrance that resonates with your soul. With precise drops of fragrance, let every blend be a reflection of your mood, your dreams, and your essence. The included formulas are unisex and we encourage you to customize your spell.
    • Guiding Manuscript: Accompanying the vials is a beautifully illustrated guidebook. It not only narrates Alastair's inspiring journey but also offers insights into the art of fragrance blending, ensuring you make the most of every elixir.
    • Premium Quality: Each vial contains pure, premium-quality ingredients ensuring a scent experience that's as authentic as it is magical.


    Each Box Includes:

    •      8- 1/2 Dram amber vials containing high quality key note fragrance oils
    •      1- 15ml amber dropper bottle containing SD40 Perfumers Alcohol
    •      1- blue frosted glass Sun motif perfume bottle with tassel
    •      1- wood faux book box
    •      1- Guiding Manuscript with 8 fragrance recipes
    •      1- 3ml pipette
    •      1- fragrance vial color code key
    •      1- display lighting LED and CR2032 battery


    Unlock the magic of ancient alchemy and craft your signature scent! Dive into a world where history, mystique, and fragrance intertwine. Don't miss out on this limited edition box set. Embrace your inner alchemist—Order Now.





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