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    Secret Stash Shaving Soaps

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     These Shaving Soaps are available in very small batches ranging from our popular limited edition fragrances to strange experimental one-offs. If there are any of these in stock, scoop them up, they may never be around again.


    Scarab is a polarizing scent. Red Egyptian musk, from the Ambrette plant and the only musk derived from a grain, is said to be the worlds most alluring aphrodisiac. Powerful and long lasting, the fragrant musk is mixed with heartwoods and a touch of rose to tame the sometimes overwhelming musk notes. Perfectly balanced for every day wear, this fragrance is a head turner.

    Ruby Red Creeper

    Bright citrus is brought forth in pure Red Grapefruit essential oil, fully encompassing yet fleeting enough for the summer months.

    The Galleon

    The scent of this soap is reminiscent of days at sea on a large vessel through the Caribbean. Ocean breeze, salt air, oak, leather and dark rum will transport you to a time of pirates and privateers.

    Neroli Plus

    A Secret Stash Exclusive, never before offered, Neroli Plus is orange blossom and bergamot upfront, fortified with ISO Super-E to help it last. Perfect for the summertime months and definitely the freshest scent we've ever offered.


    Elixir, the breath of life, perfect for the first touches of Spring and its transition through Summer with its deep, woody base, faintly sweet but not cloying; layered with splashes of fresh citrus and topped with wispy floral and green notes. Extremely complex open, with a simple finish

    Dr Jeckyll

    Dr. Jeckyll is bright, green, woody and slightly citrus. The Refined Vetiver and Sandalwood base notes are strong upfront while lilting citrus notes make this an ideal scent for the warmer fall days. The lighter side of this combo, Dr. Jeckyll is perfectly balanced all on its own.

    Mr Hyde

    Mr. Hyde is dark, brooding; evil. Raw Unrefined Vetiver, Patchouli and Sandalwood create an earthy, heavier feel diametrically opposed to Dr. Jeckyll yet decidedly similar. An almost imperceptible hint of amber helps round this long lasting scent. Animalistic and powerful, Mr. Hyde is the epitome of  masculinity without being overbearing.