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    Secret Stash Aftershave Tonics

    Ancient Timber 

    The Forest. Dark, mysterious and ancient, this exquisite blend of Cedar, Sandalwood, Agarwood and Oak evokes the primeval magic of the wild woodlands of our ancestors. This scent is pronounced, forward yet refined. Try not to get lost in this one, it is a  daunting task.

    The Roots of Oud

    The legendary, ferocious Oud of lore. Usually brutal, feral and intense; behaves itself in this light, uncharacteristic scent. Hidden deep beneath the licorice root, sassafrass and black birch top notes, it waits to be released only to be reigned in and forced to act in accordance with its surroundings. You’ve never smelled Oud like this and you may hardly even recognize it. 

    Earl Grey’s Mixture 

    There are many variations of the story claiming the origins of Earl Grey Tea, but one thing is for sure, it is one of the most alluring and popular flavors ever created. Enjoyed around the world, we bring you the scent of Earl Grey’s Mixture in the form of a tin of shaving soap. Bergamot essential oil and oolong tea are the traditional elements of this scent, and you know we like to keep it traditional. Cheerio, old chap.


    The name tells you all you need to know. Energizing, fresh and vaporous this is designed to wake you up and keep you up. For those morning or late night shavers, this stuff is made specifically for you.  Eucalyptus, Camphor, Spearmint, Magic. 

    Sacred Earth

    Dirt and root, grit and grass,  the earthiness of this fragrance is interrupted by a green note that keeps the whole experience grounded. Raw unrefined vetiver, patchouli, assorted green notes and a hint of musk and this scent has us coming back to it time and time again. 

    Tonic Embers

    When you need to cleanse the room, you reach for the sage, the spicy green smokiness translates well in this fragrance, as well as the evergreen of juniper playing it’s part to keep this fragrance as balanced as possible. Fresh, clean, sharp, this one is a killer for the cold weather. Don’t miss it! 

    This is Christmas 

    So… This is Christmas. This is literally what Christmas smelled like in our house growing up. This is the one fragrance for this Secret Stash drop that we are the most excited about.  A little bit of light fruit top notes with spicy undertones. Fresh pine needles and cinnamon peek their head through a Christmas wreath and hot apple cider simmers on the hearth. Perfect for that Christmas morning shave and the rest of the winter, or whenever you want to revisit the holidays.. Seasons Greetings from The Holy Black!


    When formulating the scent for “Embrace” we started with the name. Then we chose all of our favorite comforting smells, our most treasured memories and wrapped them up in a warm blanket. Amber, Cocoa Butter , Vanilla, Ambrette, Salt Air, Coconut, Warm Spices, Dark Wood. This is the one. Seriously.

    Dark Mystery

    Sophisticated, Dark, Mysterious, oddly familiar. That’s all we can tell you.  

    The Sauce

    Tart Cherry, Cranberry, Angastora Bitters and a Sparkling Aldehyde create this tangy, fruity,  fragrance that is sure to wake you up first thing in the morning. Sweet without being cloying, this scent is one of those ones that stays with you long after use and you will find yourself sneaking into the bathroom to steal a whiff of it in the middle of the night. Get lost in the sauce.

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