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    The head shave, the most challenging part of changing from a cartridge razor to a Safety Razor, is a daunting but achievable feat. In this article, we will touch on the techniques, tips, tricks and skills needed to come out unscathed.  The head shave breaks down to 3 major 

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     As we continue to experiment with different shaving soap formulas, we find that high tallow content makes excellent lather. With some free time in the lab, we took a day to render some tallow and get ready to make a new batch of hot process shaving soaps.

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          1. Share with friends and family, but don’t spam them. In fact, the one rule to follow is “don’t spam anyone.”

     2. Make use of social media. Putting your Holy Black affiliate link in your bio on InstagraM

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    Believe it or not, Aftershave is not as straightforward as it would sound. What kind should you use? When should you use it? What does it do? I will answer these questions for you and maybe a little extra in this new blog post. Aftershave lotions, balms, tonics and toners are all slightly different but in the same family. We will demystify them for you here

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    I get a lot of emails asking how to shave with a safety razor, double edge razor, or single edge razor. There are a few different techniques and tips I will share with you, but it’s not as mysterious and dangerous as it sounds. It’s fairly easy to get started and in time you will probably find that you get a better, closer, more comfortable shave, all the while actually enjoying what used to be a daunting or trivial task.


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     By: Guest Blogger from www.topmenshavers.com

    Beards are back! A well groomed beard can be seen as a sign of power and manliness, which is why many of the most influential men grow one. Unlucky for some, they are not able to grow beards as others get to enjoy.

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