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    How to use Hair Texture Powder for Men (and Women)

            Here at The Holy Black, we've developed the best hair texture powder our customers and barbers have ever tried. It's simple to use and works instantly, giving you that dry, completely matte finish while adding copious amounts of volume. If you want a style that looks like "you woke up like this" and the appearance of having no product in your hair, this is the stuff you're looking for. Leaves your hair completely touchable, and the powder absorbs oils so it can also be used as a type of dry shampoo when your hair looks greasy or oily. It is also great for Oil Based Pomade users to help absorb some of the build-up associated with oil based product. Application of a few drops of our Snake Oil, followed by a full wash and dry of the hair and then the application of the powder, is the perfect combination to remove waxy buildup from Oil based pomades as well. This product is extremely versatile and will work to add volume to thin hair, long or short. Women have known about hair texture volume powder for years, and our product is based on many of the top performing womens products on the market.         Try some today, and if it's not the easiest, most versatile styling product you've ever used, we will send you your money back. Check out the videos below for instructions on how to use this volumizing powder, but dont be afraid to experiment with it and let us know different techniques you have come up with. You can post styling videos to instagram with the Hashtag #theholyblack and we try to repost as many of them as we can. Most importantly, Look Good Doin' It!