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    How to make a Knuckle Duster (Brass Knuckles) From Pewter


    We wanted to make a pair of gentleman's knuckle dusters, and while brass is usually the metal of choice, we wanted something a little classier. Silver in color, lead-free pewter is one of my favorite alloys to work in. 

    The first step of the process was pouring a solid slab of black urethane resin. Once cured I cut the general shape out with a scroll saw and worked it with files and sandpaper until I got the final shape I wanted.



    A couple brass inlays, since I still haven't learned to engrave for shit.



    Sand Casting mold packed and powdered. Steel Cope and Drag courtesy of Mike Daniels at Jalopy Garage.



    Flashing still intact, sprue removed.


    Filed and sanded down to 400 grit.


    Comparison shot.


    On the desk.



    Test fit, a little tight for me, but they're for my brother and should fit well.

    You need a little space to absorb impact.


    Approaching final polish. 



    Final Polish



    For Glory!