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    The Revival of the Art of Safety Razor Shaving


    Safety razors have been around since the early 1900’s and they haven't changed much from the original designs Gillette introduced. The fact of the matter is, they work great just the way they are. One blade, reusable, replaceable, and ultimately disposable. Vintage safety razors are abundant and modern models are everywhere, so why are you still using a cartridge based razor? Let’s talk about the reasons switching to a Double Edge(Safety Razor) is leaps and bounds better than what you’re using now.



    Price: Plain and simple economics. Double edge safety razors(DE’s from here on out) can be found just about anywhere, from antique shops to ebay for vintage ones, and from sites like ours for new models. They can be had from anywhere from $10 for a good 3 piece starter razor, on up to hundreds for sought after collectors items. That’s pretty much the only investment that may be more than a cartridge type MachX razor handle, as they sometimes give the handle away for free when you buy cartridges. But that is where the savings end. A pack of four cartridges can run you as much as $20 and they don’t afford you any more good shaves than that 10 cent Double edge blade. You can literally buy a pack of 5 double edge blades for $.50. At that price you can afford to shave with a brand new blade every single day!  The problem with those cartridges as that they are just so expensive that you always find yourself trying to get “just one more” shave out of them, and you’re practically scraping the hair off your face by the time you change it out. Admit it, you have switched out your dull cartridge for another used, dull one that you thought was used up weeks before. Welcome to the world of economic, excellent shaves.

  • Performance:The upgrade in performance of DE blades versus cartridges could be expounded here for pages and pages, but the basics facts are fairly straightforward. You get a fresh, sharp blade every time(or every 2,3,4 times, depending on your preference) and you don't have to mess around with dull, overused cartridges. That sharp blade does a much better job with less irritation than 2-6 cartridge mounted blades for a number of reasons. First of all, you’re only passing a single blade over your face; while using a cartridge is like doing 4 passes with the razor every time it crosses your skin. And you wonder why you get so much irritation. Secondly, It doesn’t get all clogged up when you have more than a day’s worth of growth. There’s nothing worse than a gunked up cartridge razor that just wont cut, and won’t become unclogged. If you’ve ever tried to clean a cartridge razor with a toothpick, q-tip, or old toothbrush, you know what I’m talking about. With a DE, you just loosen up the blade and run water over it if it even becomes an issue(which it usually doesn’t.)
  • Customization:Ahh, the freedom of choice in DE shaving. The best part of DE shaving is all the possibilities to make your shave as smooth and enjoyable as possible. There are literally hundreds of different razors, razor heads, razor handles, and razor materials out there for you to choose from. From mild to adjustable to aggressive, choose your wetshaving weapon. Beyond that, there are hundreds of different brands of blades available, and I assure you, each one is different, and no one agrees on which is the best. It’s fun trying to find that perfect combination, or just using what you are in the mood for that day.

  • Nostalgia:Nostalgia may seem like a frivolous category, but it may be the most important, at least to me. Do you find yourself yearning for a simpler time? Do you enjoy the satisfaction related to honing a skill and progressively getting more adept with that skill? Do you just have a feeling that you were born in the wrong time, and love old, heirloom type objects? Yeah, you’re gonna love wetshaving with a double edge. It appeals to the romantic as well as the pragmatic.

  • So what are you waiting for? Pick up a starter kit and get on the road to a better shave right now!