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    5 Tips On How To Succeed With Our Ambassador Program and Affiliate Marketing.


          1. Share with friends and family, but don’t spam them. In fact, the one rule to follow is “don’t spam anyone.”

     2. Make use of social media. Putting your Holy Black affiliate link in your bio on Instagram and then referencing it in your post is a great way to get clicks. Boosted posts on Facebook may be profitable too. Twitter is a great place to find conversations where our products or website might be relevant.

     3. Bloggers can get very large audiences. If you can guest write for a blog and include your affiliate link, or if a blog has room for banner ads, sometimes if they have enough traffic or is specific enough in it’s niche it can be worth is to spend a couple bucks for the space. Even sometimes including your affiliate link in the comments on a relevant blog can get you some clicks.

     4. Forums are an untapped resource. Getting out there and finding forums talking about topics related to The Holy Black may present opportunities to link people to our site.

     5. Paid advertisement. Buying ad space with Google Adwords or Bing or Yahoo can be profitable if you do your research. This is a bit more advanced but the most professional approach.

     Have fun, don’t spam, and make some cash. You’re already talking about The Holy Black, you might as well get paid for it.

    You can sign up for our Ambassador program here.