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    Vampire Hunter Kit

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    .Just when you thought there were no more surprises in store for 2020- Vampires! The undead walk the earth and you must do your duty to keep them at bay. With the return of Vampires looming, we bring you this 20 piece Vampire Hunting Kit.  Painstakingly made here at the Holy Black for all your Vampire killing needs, there are only a few available, and somehow, these look even better in person. These come complete with dust and cobwebs and are right at home amongst antiques in an old victorian mansion. We are super proud of this one and it's been an idea that we never had the means to pull off in a way that would do it justice. We put everything we got into it, with a little help from our friends. Some items in the kit may differ slightly from photos, each box is unique, handmade, and has it's own character. Here is a list of the contents:

    Article A: Oil Based Pomade in ceramic cross. Frankincense and Myrhh Fragrance to ward off
    Vampires. Comb into hair.

    Article B: Aftershave Splash, Real frankincense and myrhh oils to keep Vampires at bay.
    Splash on face.

    Article C: Hair Tonic. Use in hair and beard to condition and also to remove oil based pomade.
    Guaranteed to repel vampires.

    Article D: Vampire Hunter EDT. Concentrated fragrance to ward off the undead. A small dab
    with cork at pulse points.(especially the neck!)

    Article E: Pure Frankincense and Myrhh Resin Incense. For use with Articles L and Article J.
    See below for instructions.

    Article F: Creeper Powder. Add small amount to any aftershave for cooling effect.Very
    potent. Keeps skin cool to walk amongst cold blooded undead.

    Article G: Alum Powder: Styptic powder to quickly seal vampire bites(andshaving cuts) Apply
    powder to small wounds.

    Article H: Garlic Powder. In emergency, can be added to any aftershave to ward off vampires.
    Caution, also wards off members of the opposite sex.

    Article I: Menthol Crystals. Not as potent as Creeper powder, can be added to aftershave to
    create mild cooling sensation with mint fragrance whic has strong vampire repellent effect.

    Article J: Strike Anywhere Matches. Can be used with Article N or Article L, Strike match on
    any non-smooth surface.

    Article K: Garlic. Whole Clove. Chew or carry in pocket to keep Vampires away. Will also
    work on the living.

    Article L: Charcoal Tablet. Place tablet in fireproof ashtray. Light tablet with Article J
    or Article N. Add a small amount from Article E (Resin Incense) to center of tablet to
    create smoke to ward off the undead.

    Article M: Iron Nails. Can be used to create impromptu cross or to nail coffin shut to trap

    Article N: Black Candle. USed to light Article L or to light your way.

    Article O: Oak Stake, Push stake through heart of known vampires. This kills the vampire.

    Article P: Sage Bundle. Cleanse the room of evil by burning. Light with Article J and
    quickly blow out. Allow smoke to emenate from the bundle and then extinguish fully.

    Article Q: Silver Bullets. Just in case theres also Werewolves. Vampires also abhor silver.
    (Wolfman's got nards.)

    Article R: Logbook. Record your Vampire killing adventures here. Log all activities.

    Article S: Silvered Mirror. Check for reflections as Vampires will not have one.

    Article T: Talisman Brooch. Wear on your lapel to strike fear into the undead. Look good
    doing it.

    Article U: Wooden Case. Keep your vampire kit in this stylish trunk.

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