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    THE WAX Scented Candle

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    This is Christmas 

    So… This is Christmas. This is literally what Christmas smelled like in our house growing up. This is the one fragrance for this Secret Stash drop that we are the most excited about.  A little bit of light fruit top notes with spicy undertones. Fresh pine needles and cinnamon peek their head through a Christmas wreath and hot apple cider simmers on the hearth. Perfect for Christmas morning and the rest of the winter, or whenever you want to revisit the holidays.. Seasons Greetings from The Holy Black!

    You want a candle to match your aftershave? Sure. Want a candle that doesnt smell like a craft store and a candy shop had an ugly baby? No problem.

    • American Grown Soy Wax
    • Long burning
    • Glass Jar
    • Killer scents

    This is the WAX. Everyone's been asking, so here they are. 12 oz American Grown, sustainably harvested Soy Wax Candles (For people who want to know that sort of thing about a candle, and will definitely email us to ask that question) .These are monster candles and we wanted to make sure you got something that would last until the next time we actually had time to make a batch of candles.