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    The Ultimate Creeper

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    The one and only Ultimate Creeper! We thought an 80's synthwave vibe would be the best presentation for this futuristic package. We have been talking about this idea for over two years and it is finally here, the most exciting experience in shaving. The effects of these products on your face are nothing short of extraordinary. If you're looking for the ultimate shave, let us introduce you to the next level.

               A blend of Koolada and Menthol added to the shaving soap, aftershave and instant hot towels creates a layered cooling effect never before seen or felt. The menthol kicks in first, cool mint, mentholated vapors and fast intense cooling slowly fade as the Koolada, which takes a few moments to creep in (hence, the name "Creeper"), overtakes it. The Koolada is a synthetic menthol developed for shaving cream originally in the 1970s, and it is 5x colder than traditional menthol while also lasting up to 10x longer. The effects of using the ultimate creeper can last up to 45 minutes and it is intense. The blend of natural and synthetic cooling agents creates a novel cooling experience and everyone who has tried it during testing has been blown away. There are no added fragrances and the mint undertones to the menthol fade relatively quickly so you can wear your favorite fragrance on top of it. 

    The aftershave is made with our oak barrel aged perfumers alcohol and enough vegetable glycerin in the base to keep your skin hydrated and to offset the drying effects of the alcohol. We made 5 different colors in these clear bottles and which color you will receive will be random. 

    The shaving soap is different than our previous soaps, it has the lathering properties of soap but it is the consistency of a traditional shaving cream, soft enough to be scooped easily with your finger.  In testing, the soap performs excellently and we are very excited for everyone to try it! The soap also comes in multiple colors and your particular soap will be chosen at random. 

    The newest addition to the creeper set is our Instant Hot Towel, compressed cotton towels are impregnated with our proprietary blend of koolada, menthol and peppermint essential oil. Add a few drops of hot water and use it to prep your face for shaving before lathering up, or just carry them with you when you need a quick pic-me-up throughout the day. But be careful, your girl will absolutely steal these. 

    Also included is a pair of shutter shades straight outta the eighties, for shits and giggles.

    Let's go!