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    The Tell-Tale Heart Boxed Set

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    "Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! --tear up the planks! here, here! --It is the beating of his hideous heart!"

    This boxed set is near and dear to our hearts; every piece meticulously designed in house and sourced with a very particular end-result in mind. Each set made by hand at our small facility, there are only 200 of these boxes being released.  Besides the obvious ties to Edgar Allan Poe, the theme here is blood and wood. The fragrance for this exclusive set was custom blended and allowed to mature in time for Halloween. Dragonsblood imparts a familiar powdery incense note and dominates the initial exposure to the scent. Oud(agar/aloeswood) brings a dark, almost dank feeling to the overall fragrance here as subtler notes of teak, cedar and sandalwood balance out the wood accord. Almost strangely floral, this fragrance cannot be truly appreciated until it has a chance to interact with your body chemistry. As it changes, it's subtle nuances become apparent. We have included three products to showcase this new scent.


    The Aftershave Splash:

    Weighing in at 6.1fl. oz in a custom printed, wax sealed glass bottle perched on a wrought iron stand, the aftershave splash beckons you to pull the cork. Made with 2 year barrel aged alcohol, the charred oak adds a richness particular to this one piece of the overall set. This is the centerpiece of this project from which everything else was created to accentuate it. 


    The Shaving Soap:

    Presented in a fluted and highly decorative porcelain pot, this 6oz shaving soap is custom printed and filled to leave enough headspace so you can easily load soap directly from the pot with your brush. The centerpiece of any serious shaving soap collection, these command prime real estate on the counter. 


    The Fragrance:

    In its frosted glass 10ml red-tasseled bottle, this Extrait de Parfum, also known as parfum or pure perfume (or even as "perfume extract" following the literal translation from the French), is the highest concentration of scent, containing, in this case, 24.5%  of aromatic compounds is not to be taken lightly. A drop on your pulse points will do the trick. At such high concentrations this scent can be fully appreciated as it matures and changes with time. A different animal than the EDT's and EDP's most are used to, we felt that this expression and concentration showcased the intricacies of this fragrance the best.


    The set will come packed in a custom printed box, with a copy of Mr. Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" printed on parchment paper. We hope to explore more literature inspired projects in the future, but this one is a once in a lifetime offering. Thank you for looking. 

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