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    The Grease Gun

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    The Grease Gun! We've been kicking this idea around for a long time. We are super excited to finally make it happen. Available in one or two can packages with either Gunpowder Spice, Sandalwood Smoke or both. These 4oz cans of pomade are made in our classic Petro-Based Formula with a firm hold and a high shine. Alongside the pomade comes a vintage designed grease gun you can use as a refillable applicator and a wooden tongue-depressor to help fill it with. Each Grease Gun holds about 3 oz and you can also fill it with any of our other grease pomades as well.  Looks just as good on your workbench as it does on your barber station or bathroom vanity. This is a very small release and we hope you can snag one.(Grease Gun ships empty)

    Available Packages:

    1 Can Sandalwood Smoke (No Grease Gun)

    1 Can Gunpowder Spice    (No Grease Gun)


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