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    Silk Road Eau De Parfum

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    A nod to times gone by, "Silk Road" is our latest offering for our annual small-batch women's fragrance. Although decidedly unisex in it's formulation, the floral top notes are definitely feminine forward.

    The deep black liquid in it's 100ml bottle, antique bulb sprayer and brass Scimitar charm, evokes the spirit of the Silk Road of old . "Silk Road" is an enigmatic fragrance, weaving the essence of adventure and mystique into every drop. This scent embarks on a sensory journey through the ancient trade routes, where the air is thick with the aroma of rare spices and blooming flowers under an amber sun. It opens with a vibrant burst of exotic citrus, leading to a heart of opulent jasmine and mysterious orchid, evoking the lush, hidden gardens of the East. The journey concludes on a path of warm spices and deep, resinous woods, wrapped in the luxurious embrace of vanilla and myrrh. "Silk Road" is a tribute to the bold and adventurous spirit of those who traverse the unseen corners of the world, a scent that cloaks the wearer in an aura of classic beauty and timeless elegance. "Silk Road" unfolds with a dazzling prelude of golden saffron and bright bergamot, beckoning with whispers of  world travel. The heart reveals a lavish bouquet of night-blooming jasmine and wild orchid, intertwined with the spicy allure of cloves and cinnamon, capturing the spirit of bustling markets and exotic lands culminating in a deep, resonant base of precious oud, warm amber, and smooth sandalwood, enveloped in the creamy sweetness of vanilla. A hint of myrrh and musk lingers as a final memory, a testament to the enduring legacy of the Silk Road.

     Made and blended by hand at our in-house fragrance lab and bottled here on Long island, this micro-batch of perfume is your only chance to get your hands on a bottle of what may be one of the rarest fragrances ever produced, your valentine will be sure to smell divinely captivating and unlike any other on your next night out.

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