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    Seven Deadly Sins 7 Day Soap Set

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    Thought to have been made in late 1500s Italy and found under the ruins of a burned out church, this seven day box set of shaving soaps is rumored to have mystical properties. The original paper label on the lid is charred but still legible and when you slide it back and remove the shredded aspen wood substrate you will find an 8oz wax sealed glass bottle and 7 ceramic dishes, still safe inside in their original paper wrappers, miraculously untouched by flame.  The Aftershave and Shaving Soaps have survived wonderfully. If you are able to obtain this set, be cautious, there have been strange happenings here. 

    Aftershave Tonic:

    The aftershave tonic seems to be modeled on the concept of “original sin” the scent is definitely apple, pomegranate, and other fruit notes. It is uncanny how close this resembles a freshly sliced apple, given its age. We don’t find any trace of this in the spectrum analysis. 

    Shaving Soaps:

     The shaving soaps each have this apple fragrance underpinned with their unique modifier.Again be warned, usage of these has caused unexplained side effects in test subjects.I have listed the modifiers. 

    Greed- Frankincense & Myrrh, The resinous fragrance is often associated with churches, the scent seems to change based on proximity to anything made of precious metals. 

    Lust- Ambretta Musk, the original aphrodesiac, and the only musk derived from grain, members of the opposite sex behave strangely when this soap is applied. 

    Sloth- Vanilla bean, sugar, molasses- as soon as this mixture is applied there is seemingly nothing in this world that requires immediate attention. All urgency dissipates from the mind. 

    Wrath- Fire and brimstone- this preparation induces furious anger as soon as you smell the smoke.

    Pride- Narcissus- the bloom of the Narcissus is beautiful and poisonous, and using this soap seems to boost self confidence, yet in a dangerous way.

    Gluttony- Dark Chocolate- They say the camera adds 10 lbs, but this preparation seems to make you feel as though you’ve instantly gained the same.

    Envy- Rose- the king of flowers, this soap affects those around you and they will attempt to take what’s yours. Beware.

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