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    Secret Stash Aftershave Tonics

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    These Aftershave Tonics are available in very small batches ranging from our popular limited edition fragrances to strange experimental one-offs. If there are any of these in stock, scoop them up, they may never be around again.

    Available in:

    Almond Biscotti

    The almond biscotti fragrance is an enticing blend, capturing the essence of toasted almonds with a rich, nutty allure. It intertwines the warmth of freshly baked dough with sweet vanilla and a whisper of spices, creating a comforting yet sophisticated aroma. Hints of caramelized sugar add a subtle sweetness, while a touch of creamy butter rounds out this delightful scent, perfect for those who cherish the inviting warmth of a cozy, gourmet experience.

    Holy Chypre

    "Holy Chypre" is a mesmerizing fragrance, elegantly blending the fresh, citrusy zest of bergamot with the green, resinous notes of galbanum. This combination creates a divine scent that is both uplifting and grounding. The bergamot introduces a bright, invigorating top note, while the galbanum adds depth with its earthy and slightly balsamic character. Together, they form a harmonious and sophisticated aroma, evoking a sense of mystical tranquility and timeless elegance, perfect for those who seek a scent that balances the ethereal with the earthly.

    Havana Nights

    "Havana Nights" is a captivating fragrance that embodies the vibrant spirit of Cuban nights. It opens with a burst of zesty citrus, reminiscent of freshly cut limes and oranges, setting a lively and refreshing tone. This is seamlessly blended with the warm, sweet notes of rum, evoking the heart of Havana's bustling nightlife and its famous cocktails. The scent deepens with a hint of tobacco, a nod to the iconic Cuban cigar, adding a rich, smoky complexity. Underlying this is a subtle touch of leather, suggesting the elegance of old Havana's jazz clubs and vintage cars. Infused with the essence of tropical spices, "Havana Nights" is a mesmerizing, sensual fragrance, perfect for those who seek an aroma that combines the excitement of a night out in Cuba with the country's rich cultural heritage.


    Durban Poison

    Durban Poison is a pure sativa from a landrace strain originating in Durban, South Africa. This strain has a very distinct citrus yet piney aroma and flavor. Durban Poison has a legendary reputation for its energizing and uplifting effects and thats why we chose it as the inspiration for this fragrance. Once we found the terpene profile for this strain, we went about formulating it into a fragrance that would be an accurate analogue but would also be perfectly wearable to even the highest class event.  The fragrance is light, refined and bright. The lemon, grapefruit and bergamot notes on the open are refreshing while the hints of earth, fresh pine needles and parsley keep the scent grounded. Underlying tartness reminscent of rhubarb help to bring out that slightly "skunky" finish that really makes this fragrance shine as not just another citrus scent. 

      Made from real terpenes, this is one of the most unique scents to be released this year in the niche perfumer community. Truly unisex, open and airy, this is the ultimate compliment to the person who wants to try some new things.  If you're a frag head looking for something unlike anything you've ever smelled, that you can wear out for a casual dinner or at work in the office, don’t miss this initial offering. We believe this to be the most refined and perfectly blended scent ever to come out of our fragrance lab, and we cant wait to hear what you think of it.

    Siam Amber

    "Siam Amber" is an exotic and deeply alluring fragrance, artfully crafted with the rich warmth of amber at its heart. Infused with benzoin and labdanum, this scent unfolds in layers of luxurious depth. Benzoin adds a comforting, vanilla-like sweetness, enhancing the amber's natural resinous warmth. Labdanum introduces a complex, slightly musky and leathery undertone, enriching the fragrance with an intriguing, almost mystical quality. Together, these elements create a captivating aroma, reminiscent of ancient Siamese temples and lush, sun-drenched landscapes, making it an ideal choice for those who desire a scent that is both opulent and enigmatic

    Black Magic

    Perect for the Autumn season, Black Magic is a Tobacco forward fragrance with notes of Fresh Tobacco, Tobacco Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla, Bourbon, Oak, Cacao, Espresso, Dried Fruit and Spices. Vanilla dominates and quickly fades as the darker notes come through and engulf the senses. One of the most intoxicating scents ever devised, Black Magic will cast it's spell on anyone close enough to be entranced, use it wisely.

    Dr Jeckyll

    Dr. Jeckyll is bright, green, woody and slightly citrus. The Refined Vetiver and Sandalwood base notes are strong upfront while lilting citrus notes make this an ideal scent for the warmer fall days. The lighter side of this combo, Dr. Jeckyll is perfectly balanced all on its own.

    The Galleon

    The scent of this fragrance is reminiscent of days at sea on a large vessel through the Caribbean. Ocean breeze, salt air, oak, leather and dark rum will transport you to a time of pirates and privateers. This is by far our top seller of all time.

     Neroli Plus

    A Secret Stash Exclusive, Neroli Plus is orange blossom and bergamot upfront, fortified with ISO Super-E to help it last. Perfect for when you want something light and unobtrusive and definitely the freshest scent we’ve ever offered.

    Sandalwood Smoke

    Sandalwood oil has been used for thousands of years and it is a staple in the shaving world. If you don't own at least one sandalwood soap, cream or aftershave, you are missing out one of the most luxurious classic scents made specifically for a man. I have also added a slight hint of woodsmoke to further the masculine undertones of the sandalwood

    French Lime

    A staple in traditional shaving and barbershops, this is THE classic lime fragrance. Non intrusive and light, definitely a great way to start the day off right. 

     Bay Whisky Lime

    Our Original Scent, and still available in our Supermax Pomade, Bay Whisky lime is made from Bay Oil,(Pimenta Racimosa) and Lime essential oils to bring you the closest thing to what those pirates and privateers were using in the west indies in the 1600s. Light, fleeting and fresh, this is a perennial favorite.


    Ramos Gin Fizz

    Modeled after the famous prohibition cocktail, this scent is all creamsicle and a barely detectable hint of juniper. If you like citrus, cream and a sweet finish, this one will knock your socks off.


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