Secret Stash Aftershave Tonics


Scarab is a polarizing scent. Red Egyptian musk, from the Ambrette plant and the only musk derived from a grain, is said to be the worlds most alluring aphrodisiac. Powerful and long lasting, the fragrant musk is mixed with heartwoods and a touch of rose to tame the sometimes overwhelming musk notes. Perfectly balanced for every day wear, this fragrance is a head turner.

Mountain Man

The Mountain Man incorporates the scent of the pine forests of the Northwest. Oil from the Balsam fir tree and essence of woodsmoke makes this just about the manliest smell on the planet. Feel the Great Outdoors even if you have to sit behind a desk.

Ramos Gin Fizz

Modeled after the famous prohibition cocktail, this scent is all creamsicle and a barely detectable hint of juniper. If you like citrus, cream and a sweet finish, this one will knock your socks off.

Sandalwood Smoke

Sandalwood oil has been used for thousands of years and it is a staple in the shaving world. If you don't own at least one sandalwood soap, cream or aftershave, you are missing out one of the most luxurious classic scents made specifically for a man. I have also added a slight hint of woodsmoke to further the masculine undertones of the sandalwood.


Tomato leaves, basil, hints of green figs and grapefruit. This lightweight scent is fresh and green for the Spring and Summer. More leafy than earthy and like nothing you've smelled before. If you're looking for something new in your morning(or nightly) shave, this is the soap you are looking for.


The Scent profile of this soap is a limited edition we call Permafrost, a fresh scent with peppermint Essential oil up front and vanilla cream on the dry down. Like a White Tic-Tac™

Lavender Creeper

The Creeper is a menthol based cooling agent, the type used in toothpaste, gum and big brand shaving creams. It's colder than menthol with none of the burning eyes and menthol/mint smell. It also lasts much much longer and comes on slower. So, this shaving soap hits you upfront with the freshest, most incredible lavender you can imagine and then the cold creeps up your face and keeps it up. Can you handle that? 


Developed from a recipe found in the Caswell-Massey Archives from the late 1700's, a Rosemary top note is surprisingly mild while adding a eucalyptic element to this otherwise strictly citrus fragrance. Heavy on the Neroli oil and Bitter Orange Absolute, the floral orange notes are the obvious stars of the show here. Lemon and Sweet Orange oils balance out the bitterness of the Neroli and Bergamot and lend a fresh but not cloying aspect to this simple yet elegant offering. Due to the low flash point of the essential oils used in this soap it had to be made in very small batches at low temperatures, although highly labor intensive, we think this soap is worth every minute of work that went into it.

The Galleon

The scent of this soap is reminiscent of days at sea on a large vessel through the Caribbean. Ocean breeze, salt air, oak, leather and dark rum will transport you to a time of pirates and privateers.

Tell-Tale Heart

Besides the obvious ties to Edgar Allan Poe, the theme here is blood and wood. The fragrance for this exclusive set was custom blended and allowed to mature in time for Halloween. Dragonsblood imparts a familiar powdery incense note and dominates the initial exposure to the scent. Oud(agar/aloeswood) brings a dark, almost dank feeling to the overall fragrance here as subtler notes of teak, cedar and sandalwood balance out the wood accord. Almost strangely

Cracklin Rosie

Woodsmoke and Rose, this was made as request for some wetshavers in Texas and be are bringing it back for the secret stash, surprisingly masculine, you have to smell it to believe it.

 Tangerine Creeper

Bright citrus is brought forth in pure tangerine essential oil, fully encompassing yet fleeting enough for the summer months. The addition of Koolada provides the Creeper element as your face slowly gets colder with no hint of mint fragrance or the burning eyes of a classically mentholated soap or splash. The cold can last up to 45 minutes! 


Is this the greatest Nag Champa based fragrance ever made? We think so. A mix of the classic incense notes, Frangipani (Plumeria) and Sandalwood, we also added a healthy dose of West Indian Vanilla which emulates, what we think is the greatest incense ever produced; Sai Baba SuperHit. Sweet and smooth is probably the best way to describe it and every note in this fragrance tends to be a clinger, so be prepared for people to ask about it when you use this soap. 

 Bay Whisky Lime

Our Original Scent, and still available in our Supermax Pomade, Bay Whisky lime is made from Bay Oil,(Pimenta Racimosa) and Lime essential oils to bring you the closest thing to what those pirates and privateers were using in the west indies in the 1600s. Light, fleeting and fresh, this is a perennial favorite.


Elixir, the breath of life, perfect for the first touches of Spring and its transition through Summer with its deep, woody base, faintly sweet but not cloying; layered with splashes of fresh citrus and topped with wispy floral and green notes. Extremely complex open, with a simple finish

Jack and Ginger

Whiskey, fresh ginger and sparkling aldehydes will surprise you at how close to the cocktail this fragrance really is. You have to smell it to believe it. 

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