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    Raise Hell Hoodie

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    Raise Hell Hoodie droppingThursday 1/11 at 8 pm EST! Get ready for the ultimate addition to your collection – this hoodie boasts unmatched quality. After working through 5 different hoodies, we found THE ONE. This is a super premium hoodie, printed on the back with a tasteful Holy Black Logo embroidered on the front pocket. I’ve been rocking mine for 3 weeks, washing and wearing, and it’s nothing short of top-notch.

    Shoutout to our friend and NY Tattoo artist Mikey Chestnuts for the killer artwork. This marks the beginning of many collaborations with him. Like all our drops, this is a limited-time affair. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. We’re all about small-batch, unique high-end apparel – own a piece that’s exclusive to you and a select group. Not something mass-produced that you can snag at a mall. To us there’s something truly special about that. Don’t miss out!  This run is going to be made to order, shipped within a week of closing the pre-order.
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