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    "Old Thunder" Limited Edition Custom Shaving Brush

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     If Captain Ahab had a shaving brush, this would surely be the one he reached for. Molded from an actual Sperm Whale tooth hand cast in poly-resin and hand patinated. With a 38mm Pure badger knot, this brush is massive, possibly the largest brush currently being made anywhere in the world. The Leviathan of shaving brushes!  


               Named for Ahab's nickname on the Pequod. These brushes are available in very limited quantities. This first batch is our pre production prototypes, and they are offered at a steep discount. As such, each brush is slightly different and each presentation box may vary in design. Each walnut stained box is satin lined with etched brass plates with hand peened brass rivets. All custom made here in-house at The Holy Black .


               The Custom Pewter brush display stand is an exact replica of the harpoon Point that Ahab uses in the original Film.  Made in real metal, the heft is impressive. This whole set is made to look rustic and antiquated. When you see it, you may not be sure if it is a new item or a well worn antique. For the serious shaver and collector, this brush brings your shave den to a new level.


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