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    Murder! At The Holy Black.

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    Theres been a murder! What started as a friendly poker game, ended in the grisly murder of TJ O'Grady and everyone is a suspect. Our version of the classic clue game, this 50pc box set comes with everything you need to play, along with some bonus items. Included in this set:

    - Blueprint Gameboard of The Holy Black Compound 

              A 24"x36" gameboard printed on 20lb bond blueprint paper

    - Cutthroat Razor

              6/8" Stainless steel straight razor, with laser engraved Holy Black Logo (factory edge, needs to be professionally honed to be shave ready) Each Razor has a numbered brass tag from 1-100 (only 100 of these will be made)

    - Switchblade

              Automatic spring loaded switchblade comb

    - Revolver

              Revolver shaped torch lighter

    - Ice Pick

              Wood Handled Ice Pick

    - Poison

              60ml Eau De Toilette in a mystery fragrance. Notes of Sandalwood, Tobacco, smoke, lemon, neroli, frankincense and others. Unisex but leaning towards traditionally masculine.


              3ft Section of jute rope

    -Chloroform Soaked Rag

              Holy Black Shop Rag

    -Poker Chips

              8 poker chips to be used as player tokens on the gameboard, also included player token color key card.

    - Detective Clue Cards

              Used to keep track of your notes during play, score cards.

    - Suspect Mugshot Photo Cards

              8 Cards to be used during gameplay to find the killer

    - Room Cards

              8 Cards to be used during gameplay to find the killer

    - Weapon Cards

              7 Cards to be used during gameplay to find the killer

    -Suspect Dossiers

              8 Suspect dossiers in confidential manila folder.

     -Murder! At The Holy Black Casebook

              Rules and story about how to play the game.

    -Murder! At The Holy Black Poster

              8.5"X11" Full color poster printed on cardstock


             1 black die in a muslin bag 

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