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    Heirloom Shaving Brush

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    The Heirloom Shaving brush is made from real black buffalo horn and silvertip badger hair. This 24mm badger shaving knot is the most luxurious thing to ever touch your face. Makes lather effortlessly and is the most important part of a satisfying wet shave. Each of these hand turned brushes is completely unique. Some will be solid black, some will have slight white veins. We have selected the blackest horn we could find. For those of you who are used to resin, metal or wood brush handles, these are a different animal all together. Dense, heavy and beautiful. Each horn only has a very small area usable for such a large handle so each one will vary in height and width. Small crazing and tiny surface cracks may also be present especially in the end grain where our logo is laser engraved. These are all part of the intrinsic beauty of these heirloom quality brushes.  Natural horn, especially when exposed to water repeatedly needs to be maintained. These are not plastic items that can just be tossed aside after use. Make sure to dry thoroughly after use and it is recommended to oil your brush every few uses to prevent it from becoming discolored or brittle. Our Snake Oil can be used for this although, traditionally neatsfoot oil would be used for this purpose.  Each brush comes with a free tub of our shaving cream (YOU MUST ADD SHAVING CREAM TO YOUR CART TO REDEEM THIS OFFER) and shipping on any order(over $125) including this brush will be free! Only 100 of these have been made. We hope that you, and your sons(or daughters) for generations will enjoy this brush.


    We cannot retroactively add the free shaving cream to your order if you forget to add it, so please make sure it is in your cart before you check out to take advantage of this offer. No exceptions on this one, guys

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