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    Bootlegger Bay Rum Aftershave

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    Take a nostalgic journey back to the Roaring Twenties with Bootlegger Bay Rum Aftershave. This product is more than just an aftershave; it's an experience, a historical immersion into the elegance and rugged charm of a bygone era. Designed with authenticity and style in mind, this aftershave embodies a time of sophistication and rebellion.


    • Barrel-aged Perfumers Alcohol: This unique alcohol base provides a rich, smooth foundation for the aftershave. Aging it in barrels infuses it with a complex aroma, reminiscent of the Prohibition era.
    • House-made Orange and Bay Oils: These essential oils are carefully crafted in-house, ensuring a consistent, quality scent. The blend of fresh citrus with the warmth of bay leaves creates a balanced and refreshing fragrance. Real Tobacco Absolute has also been added to deepen the heart notes on this usually fleeting fragrance.
    • Bay Oil Hydrosol: Paying homage to the quintessential aftershave of the past, the traditional bay rum aroma adds a masculine touch, arousing feelings of nostalgia. The hydrosol is the water left over from extracting the oil and contains fragrance molecules too small to separate from the water. We use this in place of distilled water we usually use in our Aftershaves.


    • 1920s-Period Correct Packaging: The design is meticulously researched to represent the style and flair of the 1920s bootleggers and moonshiners. The entirely handmade packaging provides a visually stunning presentation.
    • Straw-Tied Bundles: The inclusion of straw-tied bundles is more than a decorative feature. It symbolizes the craftsmanship and attention to detail, adding to the vintage allure. Originally used to keep bottles from breaking in shipment, we retain that old world feel by meticulously bundling and tying each bottle.
    • Paper-Wrapped Glass Bottle: Each glass bottle is hand-wrapped with high-quality paper, labeled stamped, abd tied with sisal, echoing a time when packaging was a true art form.
    • Hand-Corked: The hand-corked closure ensures that every bottle is sealed with care, preserving the fragrance and allowing a connection to the hands-on approach of the past. Make sure you have a corkscrew on hand to open it. An additional cork has been included in your package to reseal the bottle for re-use.


    Using Bootlegger Bay Rum Aftershave is not merely a step in your grooming routine; it's an indulgence in history. From the moment you open the cork to the invigorating sensation on your skin, it transcends being a product and becomes an experience. Make every day special as you embrace the style of a dapper gentleman from the Jazz Age, while appreciating the attention to details from a bygone era.

    Get a taste of the past with Bootlegger Bay Rum Aftershave. Whether you're an aficionado of classic grooming products or just looking to spice up your daily routine, this aftershave is a timeless addition to your collection. Embrace the craftsmanship, indulge in the rich fragrance, and revel in the authentic 1920s style that sets this aftershave apart from the rest. It's more than grooming; it's a journey back in time.