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    Black Magic Talking Spirit Board Set

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    Dark Magic Awaits. 

    Black Magic Talking Board Set gives you entertainment you have never experienced, it draws the two people using it into close companionship and weaves about them a feeling of mysterious isolation. Unquestionably the most fascinating entertainment for modern people and modern life.

    Weird and mysterious. Surpasses, in its unique results, mind reading, clairvoyance and second sight. It furnishes never failing amusement and recreation for the entire family. Loaded with fun, excitement and thrills more intense and absorbingly interesting than a mystery story.


    This is a limited 400pc run. 


    Black Magic Spirit Kit Includes:

    1- 250ml Aftershave Splash

    1- 100g Shaving Soap

    1- 30ml Eau De Parfum

    1- Talking Spirit Board

    1- Black Seance Candle

    1- Box Matches

    1- Silver Planchette


    The newest fragrance in our line up, and perfect for the Autumn season, Black Magic is a Tobacco forward fragrance with notes of Fresh Tobacco, Tobacco Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla, Bourbon, Oak, Cacao, Espresso, Dried Fruit and Spices. Vanilla dominates and quickly fades as the darker notes come through and engulf the senses. One of the most intoxicating scents ever devised, Black Magic will cast it's spell on anyone close enough to be entranced, use it wisely. 

    The Aftershave, in its black, wax dipped bottle sitting handsomely on your shelf with it's screenprinted glass, looking more like an apothecary potion than a face toner, will be the star of the show. With the addition of Koolada, the Aftershave keeps your face cold and fresh without the minty smell of menthol so that the Tobacco and Vanilla fragrance can stay pure while you enjoy the icy effects of this Halloween Creeper. The aftershave is the only product in this set that has this magical feeling associated with it. Enjoy it.

    The Eau De Parfum is a high concentration fragrance, lasts all day and changes as the night progresses. As it dries down, the vanilla slowly fades and the tobacco and spices come to the forefront. Dried fruit and chocolate linger in the background, never cloying. All of the elements are perfectly balanced, especially for the upcoming cold weather.

    The Tallow Shaving Soap comes in our signature porcelain shaving pot to bring you closer to that experience that your grandfathers and their fathers had when they had a luxury shave, and these products are meant to be passed down to that next generation as well. We pride ourselves on the presentation and reuse-ability of our products so that they can last into history like a lot of the old antique bottles we collect. Heirloom quality is very important to us, as we hope it is important to you.

    The Talking Spirit Board is the functional piece in this set, along with the chrome plated planchette, you are ready to conjure spirits and get answers from the Great Beyond.  But dont forget the rules:

     1. Never leave the planchette on the board unattended.

     2. Never allow the Spirit Board to count down through the numbers.

     3.  Never taunt or goad a spirit to communicate with you through the Spirit Board. This can have disastrous consequences.

     4.  Never ask the Spirit Board when you are going to die.

     5. Always end your session with the Spirit Board by saying “goodbye”.

    We have also included a Seance Candle, a box of Black Magic Matches and the Eau De Parfum cap doubles as a candlestick holder.



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