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    Black Magic Eau De Parfum

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    The newest fragrance in our line up, and perfect for the Winter season, Black Magic is a Tobacco forward fragrance with notes of Fresh Tobacco, Tobacco Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla, Bourbon, Oak, Cacao, Espresso, Dried Fruit and Spices. Vanilla dominates and quickly fades as the darker notes come through and engulf the senses. One of the most intoxicating scents ever devised, Black Magic will cast it's spell on anyone close enough to be entranced, use it wisely. 


    This Eau De Parfum is a high concentration fragrance, lasts all day and changes as the night progresses. As it dries down, the vanilla slowly fades and the tobacco and spices come to the forefront. Dried fruit and chocolate linger in the background, never cloying. All of the elements are perfectly balanced, especially for the upcoming cold weather.

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