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    Bamboo Shave Set

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    Night-Blooming Jasmine - Cherry Blossom - Green Tea

    Bamboo is a shaving soap and aftershave splash set in a Japanese inspired presentation.
    The Soap is made in our vegan formula, using brewed green tea in lieu of the water traditionally used in this recipe. We have also added matcha powder to the soap for it's antioxidant properties.  Topped with a piece of gold leaf to complete the bonsai aesthetic, this soap has been aged 30 days to allow water to evaporate and concentrate the soap to enhance lathering properties.
    The Aftershave is scented at a higher percentage than normally found in aftershaves, so this can be used as a cologne as well. The fragrance of night blooming jasmine is up front and fades quickly. Cherry blossom and green tea with hints of apple remain, and it dries down to a slightly sweet yet astringent scent with a pleasant warmth. Unisex.
    Available Thursday 8/11 at 8PM EST  
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