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    The Order of The Holy Black Articles of Conduct




    We are the Holy Black. We like things traditional and strive to resurrect a long lost and forgotten code of ethics, brotherhood, and the pursuit of fulfillment once prolific in the days of our fathers. Our club seeks like minded individuals from every corner of the world and makes no differentiation between race, creed or religion. We have both independent members as well as organized chapters across the globe. The Holy Black has two levels of membership, The Holy Black Brotherhood, and The Order of The Holy Black. 

    Anyone can belong to the Holy Black Brotherhood by following our code of ethics, appreciating the finer things and aligning with our ideas, The Holy Black Brotherhood members have no organization or guidelines and have no restrictions pertaining to other club or organization affiliations.

    The Order of The Holy Black, on the other hand, is our structured membership which comes with additional commitments and privileges. Members of The Order come from all walks of life, and our simple mission is to promote brotherhood while participating in life in a novel way. We are a social club, pursuing traditional interests, we are looking to get the most out of our short lives while building lasting relationships and memories with the people who get it; the people who understand our ethos and recognize it as a shared ideal. We don’t take this lightly and aren’t looking for casual observers. 

    The values we base our membership on are simple and clear.




    Self Improvement




    We are bringing the best parts of fraternal organizations into this new millennium. Gone are the days when most men and women belonged to a “club”. Sometimes it was a Moose Lodge, or the local Rotary Club, a poker game or Sunday night mahjongg session. In the UK there are some social clubs still in existence, but have fallen by the wayside in America. Once a staple in early American families in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s the “club” was one of the first things to disappear when people realized they needed to work two jobs and free time was at a premium. The “clubs” are empty since our lives became consumed by technology and “efficiency”. We believe that there is nothing more productive you can do with that precious free time than to forge relationships while participating in the activities that you enjoy.  We have taken aspects from The Elks, The Knights of Columbus, The Hells Angels, The Boy Scouts, Freemasons and other societies and applied them in a way that makes our club different with a structure that’s been used for years, in some cases, hundreds of years. We want to see the “Club” come back into the mainstream for America and the rest of the world, it truly is the best way to find people of similar interests while doing something positive and fulfilling with your time. Our club in particular is an updated version, tailor-made for the times, built to maximize that feeling of nostalgia, while bringing the lowly “club” back to its former glory. Technology allows us to organize and take advantage of a vast network, our goal is to bring that network back into the physical world, where it really makes a difference.


    We are in no way militant, political, or religious. We are not a motorcycle or car club, or gang  and we strictly condemn any negative or criminal activity. Our members' interests are as diverse as our members themselves and you will find us at bike nights, car shows and cruises, race events, rides and rallies, concerts, fishing boats, shooting ranges, camping and outdoor events etc, and you will notice that our members are open, inviting and friendly. We are always willing to volunteer or to help in any situation, even some messy situations. We take our oath very seriously, which helps to create such a strong network of people that you can rely on when you really need them. When you know that you can reach out at any time anywhere you may be, and you have whatever support you might need, it’s a powerful feeling. 


    Thanks for taking a moment to learn a little bit more about us.


    1.         MISSION STATEMENT


    The Holy Black Brotherhood is an ocean, it is up to you how deep you will swim.. We share in making memories, promoting our lifestyle of traditional pursuits and camaraderie while giving back to the local and global communities. For now, when people ask just what we are, the simplest answer is: a fraternal society , a collection of like-minded individuals pursuing traditional skills, hobbies and activities.


    1.1 Who are the Order members


    We are not outlaws, though we have members from just about every walk of life. A great many of our members range from retired and active: Law enforcement, military , Fire & first responders to metal fabricators, motorcyclists and mechanics . We want people to feel secure when Order members and the brotherhood arrive at an event or place of business. We will be positive role models and leaders in our respective communities. When starting a new chapter, the President, alongside other members, will let other organizations in their area know about us, what we are and what we stand for.


    1.         WHY ORGANIZE 
    2.   We, as a vetted society, can have a global network of brothers and sisters to interact with from all aspects of life for business and pleasure but remember this is just a starting point so that you may foster relationships with like minded individuals. This network of brothers and sisters extends across the planet, and is there for support when you need them. Get stuck on the side of the road on a roadtrip, reach out and you will find someone willing to help one way or another, even if no one is close enough to physically help you change that tire. Having a bad month? Reach out to the club for emotional and many times financial support, we are here to help each other in any way we can.


    1.   To present this idea of unity and traditionalism to the rest of the world, helping others become self aware ,  promote thriving not just surviving; getting people off their couch and out of their cubicles. We promote getting your hands dirty, finding projects we can work on in groups or in our community, getting back to basics whether that be woodworking, customizing cars and bikes, outdoor activities or community events. Let’s talk in person, meet outside of the internet, create ACTUAL relationships.


    1.   To introduce people, to be a mentor, share our interests, ideas and to teach them the skills needed to get the maximum enjoyment from any given activity whether that be hot rods, motorcycles, hunting, fishing, skill advancement, survival, and even just an ear to listen.


    1.   To organize and/or participate in charity functions for the betterment of society and our communities.


    1.   Local and regional chapters are  composed of members from all walks of life and interests. We use our cross section of interests to assist each other in our endeavors within the organization and in life.  No matter your interest, we help in chapter organized events.


    1.   As we build in chapter numbers, we will be able to reach out to more  businesses and build discount packages for our members, making it much more affordable to pursue our interests and attend events. We are bringing the fraternal orders and secret societies of old into the new millennium, harnessing technology to amplify the quality of our lives while operating outside the constraints of that same technology. We use social media to bring us together and build a worldwide network while simultaneously living and gathering in the real world to combat the false sense of community fostered by too much tech. 


    1.       THE OATH “ the only rule we should need”


    “ I Swear, on my honor, to uphold the values of the Order. To hold my fellow brothers and sisters in the highest regard while under the flag of The Holy Black Brotherhood”.



     4.      ORGANIZATION

     Please understand in developing these articles, regulations and philosophies, we have tried to take the best parts from several lifestyles, organizations and cultures. Including: old pirate law, military, motorcycle clubs, Odd Fellows, Freemasons, Boy Scouts, just to name a few. So some of the wording, phrasing and terminology may seem strange or foreign to some, but long as you grasp the ideas presented, we've achieved our goal.


     The THB Articles of Conduct: are a self imposed set of rules.The articles will be reviewed annually for updates and correction by April of each new calendar year. Order members not following our self imposed rules will be dismissed.  


    1. Brotherhood


    1.   The Holy Black Brotherhood  - THBB – anyone who lives by our core values and shares common interests. (regardless of Order affiliation)


    1.   The Brotherhood  are our supporters and friends. They are allowed to wear gear, etc. as long as it does not state any of the following: The Order, Order of The Holy Black , The Order of The Holy Black.  The Brotherhood will be our recruiting pool; we will treat these people with the same respect we expect to be treated with. If we find that a person participating in The Brotherhood is troublesome, the Order members will be responsible for actions taken to relieve us of the problem; remembering  to make the rest of the regional or Founders council aware of the situation at  first opportunity.


    1.   This is an open invitation for people that want to hang out and support THBB regardless if they wish to pursue The Order and or join a chapter.


    1.   Brotherhood members are allowed to hang out, but they have no official titles, chapters or members. They are 100% casual and they will be asked to respect The Order.


    1.   Anyone falsely promoting themself as an Order member will be dealt with swiftly and publicly.


    1.   Brotherhood members are allowed to attend some Order functions, but only Order members can participate in Order/chapter Meetings/Business.


    1.   Brotherhood members  have no rules or regulations in regards to event and activity participation, If assisted using chapter resources, they will need to reimburse the chapter.


    1.   Any Brotherhood members that wish to join The Order must hold a copy of a Member NFT in their wallet and present it to the chapter they are applying for


    1. The Order : Everyone is welcome, not everyone can stay . The evidence of your value to this organization is in your actions.



    1.   The Order in General: We will refer to The Order as one of the following: The "OTHB", THB, The Order, The Order of THB, THB the Order, The Order of The Holy Black , The International Order of The Holy Black , The Order of The Holy Black International, or The International Order of The Holy Black. All the same prefixes and suffix apply to The Holy Black Brotherhood.


    1.   The Order will be governed at the International level by the Founder Council , using the THBB Articles of Conduct. & governed at the local level by individual chapters.






    1. Core of the Order


    1.   Active Order members will be able to perform the needed tasks to promote the THB Philosophy.


    1.   All members must have a phone and email address; and be subscribed to the Discord server. Also it is your responsibility to keep your contact information and personal data current with the organization. go to the contact page to submit any changes you have when they occur.


    1.   Remember who and what we are, there is no room for politics or religion! Keep that part of your life to yourself. We care not where anyone got their morals. We just need you to have them and be willing to put personal beliefs to the side so that we can work on the positive things that need done.


    1.   THB Order Goals:


    1.   Present a positive image of our society to the world and help build interest in our charities, passions and pursuits.


    1.   Grow the Order with people that wish to leave a positive impact on the world.


    1.   Organize & support charity events including but not limited to: Habitat for Humanity, volunteer at Veterans homes, volunteer at homeless shelters, food drives, etc.  


    1.   Mentor-ship through nationwide high school leagues, state championships, regional, etc. Order chapter to coach , mentor and subsidize the leagues with non profit donations.


    1. The Order hopes to provide the sense of family & community you may find  in a religious setting devoid of dogma , and the structure we need from minimal government to provide an organized positive impact without the convolution of politics.


    1.   Order Members will be the friendliest, most approachable and most helpful people no matter the event we are attending.


    1.   Members starting in a non-chapter area or moving far from a chapter can petition for either the chance to start a new chapter, wear the standard of their chapter they associate with, or a member can go with the Lone Wolf Standard. New Chapters must hold a Chapter NFT. Details for how to petition to mint a Chapter NFT will be forthcoming.


    1.   A member cannot hold office until they have been a member for over 3 years, unless approved by the Founders Council in a special vote.


    1.   Dual or Multiple associations. Society or club membership: you can be an Order member and still wear gear from as well as socialize, ride with other club/clubs or be part of other organizations. You can be an Order member and have membership in other organizations.


    1. You cannot hold title/office in the Order if you already hold office in other organizations or societies outside of THB. It will be taken into special consideration if you are a member of another organization trying to take a leadership role in the Regional chapter or Founders Council.


    1. Members are requested to attend as many events a year; local, national or international, preferably an anniversary event being one of them as they can, but we all know that there is only so much time and resources.


    1. Members will be kept in the know though our Discord Server also take it upon yourself to stay in touch with other members, and to attend chapter meetings.


    1. Self defense & weapons: though we do not encourage violence, it is possible there will be times when you must defend yourself and/or loved ones. You are allowed to do so as well as wear and/or carry anything legal and/or you are licensed to carry in your prospective city/county/state/country. This is encouraged, but we also encourage training courses and tactful judgment when you exercise your rights. Please consider extended, specialized training/education when practicing your rights. Also, remember you represent something much bigger than yourself, act accordingly.

    1.   Forming a chapter:

    1.   "Everyone is welcome, not everyone can stay" Structure is as follows.


    1.   The Founders Council is the governing party for the Order and all it encompasses.


    1.   Forming a chapter will require 2 founding members , or can be started with less with a special vote from the Founders Council. The new  petitioning chapter will  petition to purchase a Chapter NFT. 


    1.   A chapter charter petition must be provided.


    1.   There must be a vote from all existing chapters before a startup chapter will be allowed.


    1.     Chapter council oversees their city/state/province/area, answering directly to the Founders Council.


    1.   Brotherhood members are under direct jurisdiction of the local chapter council, keep your non-member friends in check if they are with us they need to act accordingly.


    1.   There is a list of requirements for new chapters in the new chapter petition section.


    1.   Each chapter will have its own number, for example, San Diego is #311= 31st state to join the union 31(1) first chapter in California under the number. This is how we will number American chapters, with exceptions made when needed, we will leave it to other countries to develop their own numbering system. The main idea behind this number is so people on the outside do not know the numbering system, a secret code if you will. Chapters can have multiple packs, there is no limit to the number of packs in each city, but each pack must be ok'd by the council. These pack names can only be used in their prospective cities: there cannot be the same pack names in another city. If you are a member of that chapter you can be a member of multiple packs in that chapter.


    1.   When Order Members visit other chapter cities they can buy Chapter Standards and patches with a special mark on them that they can wear in a different spot on their vest, jacket or just collect them.


    1.   Chapter Standard: each will have a vest/jacket marker showing flags, State, city, country and the chapter number




    1.   If you are an Order member but do not have a local chapter, you will have the option to wear the Independent standard.

    1.   Meetings, events & functions:


    1.   Chapter Council meetings will only consist of Order Members; Brotherhood / supporters can attend a location of a meeting if it is also an event/gathering, but cannot partake in the meetings.


    1.   Chapter business will fall to the will of the individual Chapter, while still reporting to the Founders Council.


    1.   Chapters will hold and attend monthly meetings/ events with each member required to make at least 6 a year.


    1.   When a mandatory meeting is called, members must be given 3 weeks' notice. We will have an online calendar listing events and meetings. If you are not going to make the meeting a request to be excused must be made in writing, text or email to all Council members to decide if there is a valid reason to miss or if disciplinary action is needed (skyping to a mandatory meeting can be arranged if needed and again must be arranged prior to the meeting).




    1.   Order of business:


    1)      Roll call


    2)      Minutes from last meeting


    3)      Treasurers report


    4)      Dues and fines collection actions


    5)      Old business


    6)      New business




    1. Dues  current rates are on petition submission page.


    1.   There are two sets of dues; the international, first, you need to purchase a Member NFT, which serves as your lifetime membership to the Order, second to your local chapter provide you have one . The local chapter sets their own monthly/annual dues.

    1.   The Member NFT is your lifetime payment of dues, if you do not hold the NFT you cannot participate in club activities.


    1.   The Order of The Holy Black International Lifetime membership. we only accept lifetime commitments if for some reason you choose to leave or are removed no funds will be returned.  if you leave in good standing you can be admitted back anytime of course. But you will need to find and purchase a Member NFT provided there is one available.


    1.   Current THB INTERNATIONAL individual member NFT mint price is .138 ETH . If you ever elect to leave the Order or are dismissed no  membership fees will be refunded. You are obligated to sell your NFT when you leave the Order.


    1.   Local chapter member dues are paid by the 10th of each month. If you fall behind more than 2 months, you face disciplinary action from the council.




    1. Tattoos


    1.   Anyone can get THB Brotherhood tattoos but only Order members of at least 3 years can add or make an Order tattoo, unless they are made Founders.


    1.   If a member leaves the chapter in poor standing they will be assisted if necessary with the removal of any Order tattoos Possibly even any THB Brotherhood tattoo depending on the level of infraction. Any cost associated with assisting in the removal will be expected to be reimbursed to the Organization by the offending member.




    1. Being Excused

    1.     Fighting and conflict is very much frowned upon. Any member starting a fight with a fellow chapter member or anyone for that matter will go before the council and face disciplinary action and fines between $1.00 and a "to be determined" amount, with a strong possibility of dismissal.


    1.     Any time a member is fined, payment must be made within 2 weeks or risk further disciplinary action.


    1.     Any member has the right to contest any disciplinary action and fines at a special chapter or Founders Council tribunal. 


    1.     Criminal activity is not accepted! If you involve the Order in criminal activity you will answer to the Founders Council and can expect severe punishment and possible expulsion.


    1.     Discrepancies between chapter members


    1.   Fighting is unacceptable! This includes your personal / intimate relationships. 


    1.   We will conduct ourselves in a civilized manner. If at some time tensions rise between chapter and other factions and cannot be resolved by the parties involved. They can request an intermediary to help sort the issue if it is a serious matter that requires Founders involvement then we will enforce our articles to the best of our ability. We are not the Police or your family court. Please remember this and act accordingly.


    1.   The Local or Founders Council will hear the case and offer solutions. if you can not abide with the offered solution then, well sorry.


    1.   Examples of some of the ways we can reach a settlement:


    1)      First and foremost an amicable resolution and or financial restitution.


    2)      take it to small claims court let our tax money work for us.


    3)      We do not condone fighting at all but if you do please understand you do it of your own accord.


    4)      If you choose to fight both members will pay a fine to The Order to be determined by  Council. good chance of suspension or dismissal as well.


    1. Dress Code & Apparel


    We have a small selection of Order apparel & accessories in our Order only store always available, 

    1.   Dress code: Do what you want.


    1.   Apparel: The Large Order Crest / Patch we will refer to as the Order standard terms like "The CUT" (Vest or Jacket), "Colors" (big back patch).(these are terms easily understood used by motorcycle clubs when referring to their gear. but we prefer not to use these terms as it at times can have a negative impact with some.


    1.   You are not required to buy or wear order gear; this is optional due to the fact that for one, some people have no interest in wearing such apparel and two, in some states and countries it is a major issue. It's much more important how you act and handle yourself than what you wear. It's also important that even if you do not wear a jacket or vest you're still expected to know what the meaning behind everything we wear is and respect it!


    1.   Order apparel is available for purchase on the secured side of the site  there is a password to access this gear you'll be provide once your petition is accepted and you go on the account.


    1.   You can wear your gear anytime you like, but it is not required.


    1.   Your vest and/or jacket must have at a minimum, your large back Standard (patch), and THB 3.5" patch over heart


    1.   You are only allowed to hold two large back Standards at any time. You must always be able to account for your Order standards. You and your THB/Brotherhood/Order brothers/sisters and your children are the only persons allowed to wear your standards. Action will be taken if your standards are found on non-chapter members. you can own unlimited Order printed material i..e..: t-shirts ,jerseys, hats & stickers. but you cannot let them leave your control if you retire any of this gear be sure it is destroyed or returned to a chapter for archiving.


    1.   If you leave the Order your Order gear must be returned to the Chapter (unless retired). You cannot sell or give away your standards outside the Order; the only way they can be passed on to family is if they are Order members as well.we have an active buy, sell, trade page for the Order to sell and trade gear they have “Outgrown” or no longer want.


    1.   Anything you own with "Order logos" can never be worn by a non-order member except your children or spouse and cannot be sold!


    1. This is the basic patch layout for vest and jackets:



    1.   You can wear memorial patches of nonmembers and patches from other organizations provided you have their permission. The small of the back on a vest and the small of the back and sleeves of jackets are open for you to put personal patches on. Never wear anything hateful..


    1.   The front of the vest and jackets are for THB patches and shields


    1. Order members will have full access to Order apparel except rings. You can get a stainless steel ring once Vetted. You must be in for at least 3 years for these items in silver, 5 years for gold, and 10 years for black outs ,unless you're made a member of the Founders.


    1. The challenge coin, if an order member produces a  challenge coin before you and you do not have an THB challenge coin to match. you must state aloud the Order oath , if 

     you cannot recite the oath you owe the member a drink of their choosing, but if you can recite the oath then the challenging member owes you a drink of your choice. This can only happen once per members involved at a given gathering. Also, non-members holding a Brotherhood coin can challenge Order members but Order members can not challenge Brotherhood. 


    1. Brotherhood New Chapter Members


    1. The mentoring Order Member is responsible for the petitioning member(s) they mentor, you are responsible to teach them how we do things and are responsible for the applicant(s) the Mentor will be the one(s) and only to clear the newer member for additional vetting.


    1. Petitioning members read the articles of conduct & Appendix B


    1. Purchase your Member NFT


    1. If the applicant has to be registered with any federal or state sex offender registry, it is an automatic disqualification.


    1. New chapter members can and will be asked to do fucked up shit. They cannot be given tasks that are criminal in nature or may cause them serious harm.


    1. Regardless of your relationship status when coming into the organization. we expect you to keep these matters in the proper perspective. We are a very family friendly organization, but should something happen between Order members that are in a relationship remember no one member holds a higher status then another and both parties will always be part of the chapter unless through their own actions this is changed. If you make your relationships  a problem for the Organization then the Founders will take the needed action for the good of the Order as a whole.

    1. Member Chain of Command


     Executive board of The Order of The Holy Black :


    Founders Council  is the  oversight and governing body  of the Order helping guide the Organization through this Journey.


    The Founders Council will be comprised of up to but never exceeding 33 members. Not all Founders will be on the council but as members need to leave for whatever reason they can ask to be replaced on the council at that time they can suggest a Founders member to take their place and the remaining council will be left to select a replacement from the current Founders. Founders Council members are voted onto/off the board by the sitting Founders Council in a unanimous vote.


    Chapter Council

    1.         THB Order Collective Properties




    1.   All chapter members have complete access to chapter property, but must receive consent for use from their local chapter. A request (text or email) stating use dates & purpose is needed.




    1.   All chapter property is to be returned in the same condition or better when used; penalty will suit the infraction and will be decided by the President or a minimum of 2 board members.




    1.   Chapter funds will be handled by the chapters themselves.



    1.   Each council can decide what items they as a chapter might like to buy for general use, for example:




    1.       Pop up tents




    1.       Trailers (travel and hauling)




    1.       Tables, chairs, loaner paintball gear, motorcycles, chase trucks, fishing poles and tackle, boats...etc...




    1.         In closing:


    1.   Please understand this is just a starting point; we as a collective will build upon these Articles.


    1.   I ask that you take the time and go through the Articles and make notes and present them to the Founders Council to consider changes and additions.




    Ready to set out on a new adventure? To mint your Order Member NFT reach out to your local OOTHB Chapter