brownj3h said:


"A few days ago I placed an order from The Holy Black, after reading about it here: I picked up a puck of the Mountain Man soap, and a bottle of Sandalwood Smoke Whisker Whiskey. Wanting to give this soap a fair review, I used distilled water to avoid my hard water plague. First, a note on scent.

Mountain Man is described as a fresh pine scent, and that's exactly what I picked up. As I formed my lather, the smell of fresh pine resin effervesced into my bathroom and up my nostrils. What I will say is that this is pine done correctly. I had really hoped it wouldn't smell like those tree air fresheners, and it didn't. It smelled very natural, very earthy, very "Mountain Man". The scent gets top notches in my book.

Sandalwood Smoke is, perhaps, done equally well, however; while the sandalwood smelled quite natural, the smoke gave off a small tinge of a synthetic smell. I didn't mind, but its just a note. In all, Sandalwood Smoke also compliments my Grey Vetiver EdP by Tom Ford, so I like it.

Using the distilled water, the puck lathered like a dream. Within seconds I was able to develop mountains of beautiful lather, and I was quite pleased with the result. The soap layered easily, and provided more than ample glide, even in my trouble spots at the jaw line.

In all, if you like earthy aromas, something similar to petrichor and pine, give this soap a try. I think it performed wonderfully, and I'd put it up there with soaps from SS, Mystic Waters, QED, and QCS. Well done."



Htennek said:

"A great shave soap, I had to get the matching aftershave and I love them both. This is the only shavesoap that I'll use now. I love this aftershave. When I was trying to find a new aftershave recently this was the only one my wife said anything about, so I had to buy a bigger bottle. As long as this guy keeps making this, I'll keep buying it."

(sweetlittleheadache) says:
(Custom Shaving brush) "Absolutly 100% fantastic. I loved it so much more when i saw it in real life than i already did from pictures. Gave it to my husband yesterday for anniversary present and he just loves it so much and couldnt belive i found him an 'object' that suited his personality so well. He hates having to shave but couldnt wait to do so this morning. A quality personal artistic product. Thankyou. I reccommend it for any man."

"PERFECT. Every scent is seductive and manly, and unique from any other scents on the market,, and the great part is i love fragrance for men but my husband doenst, but he really genuinly loves all of these. Mostly he hates fragrance of any sort as he gets a headache from the chemicals, but he wore mountain man today and no sign of a headache. Thank you!! Also the glass viles with cork and wax are so cool. WE WILL BE BACK " 

(mrthompson000) says:
"Quick shipping, awesome extra surprise. This shop is rad & I will definitely be back."
(bprendie) says:
"Favorite. Shaving soap. Ever."
"This brush is fantastic! It's now my number one in rotation."
"Holy Black makes some unbelievably high quality stuff. The scents are fantastic, and his shipping is so fast, that he's a pleasure to deal with."
LacyEm says:
"My husband loved these! Awesome packaging & amazing scents. Thank you"
(mrthompson000) says:
"Stoked to shave with this new puck. TheHolyBlack shipped really quickly! I will definitely order through them again in the near future."
"Everything arrived so quickly! Products smell great & are more than enough to decide which I will order in greater amounts. Couldn't be happier. Will definitely buy through TheHolyBlack again."