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    What Is The Holy Black? How Do I Join The Brotherhood?


    The Order of The Holy Black is not only a plan to resurrect an ancient secret society bent on world domination, it is also a project over 10 years in the making and, with the development of smart contracts, we believe it is finally time to take this project to the next level. The Order is, at its core, a Social Club, a fraternal order. Like the Masons, or the Elks lodge, or your local Motorcycle club, we find our people, bring them together, and provide the members with ways to socialize, participate and enjoy a shared lifestyle. We believe it is important for you to know our history and what we are all about to get a real understanding of what we are building here.

    Matt Black and Stefan Vincent started The Holy Black Trading company in 2013 as a small online store for men’s products with an old school American Traditional style. Box Visuals came on board and filmed the brand media and soon our social media was flooded with people who we realized had so much in common with us. We began hosting events and inviting our social media friends and pretty soon we became actual friends with so many people; and I mean the types of friends where they can come to town and crash at our place, or we could visit them as we pass through their city on a trip. Eventually we had a network across the country and everyone was slowly getting introduced to each other at our events and through social media. You can see videos of these events in #past-events. We decided to turn this group into a kind of club and organize. We used instagram and facebook groups as well as email, but always felt there was a disconnect with the community. With the advent of NFTs we can now coordinate membership, provide perks and benefits to our members and build the community we’ve always dreamed of.

    NFTs are a natural adaptation for us, one of the things that makes The Holy Black different from other brands is the way we handle limited edition products. We offer our regular products all of the time, but a few times a year we like to create heirloom quality items that we create in-house, from development to production to shipping. We love to create a special experience for our customers when they engage with our limited edition collection. Sometimes it will come in novel packaging like an old trunk or a hand built shipping crate that comes with a prybar to open it; or there will be hidden mechanisms that play music or light up. Many of our products have included treasure hunts for hidden prizes including real gold nuggets, shipwreck doubloons, gem quality rubies, or silver bouillon coins. You can see some of our limited edition projects from the past here. We want everything we make to carry an unforgettable experience with it, and this NFT project is no exception.


    We have lots of surprises in store that will not be in the roadmap, so pay close attention to #announcements. Being able to create NFTs, not only as the membership to our club, but also to be able to add the artwork and interactive content that we have always utilized for our other limited edition offerings is exactly what we were meant to do. This is where we can really show you what we are capable of, we plan to flex our creative muscles and push the boundaries of what is possible in this space. The Web3 world is in its infancy, and we believe it is the future of commerce on the internet. We are fully prepared to embrace it. We are willing to help educate anyone who wants to get involved. This is a long term commitment from us to you, that we will be here, working as hard as we’ve ever worked to bring this idea to life and make this one of the most worthwhile projects you can get involved in. And when we say “get involved”, we mean it. We want your feedback, we want you to have a voice within our organization. This is our biggest project to date and it is designed for the long term, we plan to reinvest directly back into the project and continue to develop it for the rest of our lives. As you know, the blockchain is forever and we are putting our reputations on the line to get this idea to our people.