What Is The Holy Black? How Do I Join The Brotherhood?

You are The Holy Black.  We are The Holy Black. 
Like the cream of the crop, the upper crust, The Holy Black is an elite subset of people, mostly men and the rarest of women, who embrace life.
You take pride in doing things the old fashioned way.
You are not afraid of a little manual labor, you don’t mind getting some grease on your shirt or grime under your fingernails.
We are a likeminded group of individuals who appreciate the finer points in life. Maybe you enjoy a good cigar, a peated scotch, a fair game of cards, or maybe you’re more of a well maintained motorcycle and a cold beer kind of guy.
The Holy Black has many interests, ranging but not limited to philosophy, grooming, computers, tinkering, style, self-improvement and music.
We are the new renaissance men, working on our own cars and shaving like our grandfathers. We dictate our own style and bring a little bit of that old world charm to our everyday lives. Join us as we bring back the days when men were men.
Join to the ranks of The Holy Black Brotherhood.
We recruit through instagram, use the hashtag #HolyBlackProspect and follow @theholyblackbrotherhood to be considered and to get the password.
Brotherhood Members Click the logo below to log into The Inner Sanctum