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    Brass Dice Box Keychain

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    These 1930's style dice carriers were inspired by dice cages and "gamblers pendants" that were popular throughout the 30's and 40's. Usually these keychains would include two miniature dice, but most of the games we like to play these days require 3 dice. Great for an impromptu dice game of Cee-Lo or carry a set of Left-Right-Center. Each Dice Box includes 3 standard size 16mm red dice and a secure brass cable for attaching to your keyring. Made of solid yellow brass, each Dice Box is hand cut,filed and drilled , each decorative brass adornment is silver soldered with a torch, the the solid brass pins are peened and patina is applied and then polished by hand. Each box will be different and the patina will evolve over time while it is in your pocket. The antique look is meant to emulate trench art and you get to choose the adornment. We have 9 different styles available. Keep in mind that this launch is a pre-order and we will be making these to order once we close the offering. Depending how many we need to make, we expect to ship these within about three weeks, but will be shipping in batches as we complete them in the order that we received your purchase. Thanks for looking! We hope you enjoy them for years to come, and you know we like to offer heirloom quality items that can one day be antiques in their own right.

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