Glycerin Shaving Soap for Mugs

The Holy Black Shaving Soap, this 3" diameter puck of our Classic Glycerin Formula shaving soap comes mug ready. Extra glycerin makes this soap excellent for moisturizing and it is also meltable so you can put it in any container you would like. Made with coconut and palm oils predominantly this soap makes easy, dense lather. Changing from a canned shaving cream or gel will make the biggest difference in the quality of your shave. If you're new to wetshaving, the first step is getting some high quality soap to really step up the shaving experience. So ditch the can of goop and shave like your granddad. Enjoy your shave again! 


Gunpowder Spice

Gunpowder Spice is exactly what it sounds like, a mix between the classic spicy scent with the added aroma of freshly fired black powder. The smokiness of the black powder mixes well with the spices you remember from when your grandfather splashed it on. 


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