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7 Gloriously Bearded Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following
June 05, 2015

      When it comes to finding that perfect beardstyle, or just style in general, nowadays Instagram has it on lock. There's thousands of communities out there showcasing all the hot styles, trends, and gear. In the men's grooming...

Introducing The Holy Black Ink Balm
May 01, 2015

Here at The Holy Black we try to develop products you can use in your daily life, our newest addition to our lineup it The Holy Black Ink Balm for the tattooed man. So you went through all the pain and...

The Story of The Holy Black
March 23, 2015

Welcome to The Holy Black Trading Company, the place for innovative, small batch grooming products made specifically for men. My name is Stefan Vincent, and I started this company in early 2013. I've always had a fascination with old school...

Small Batch Products
March 17, 2015

Here at The Holy Black, we pride ourselves on small batches and innovative products. Over the next few months we will be releasing small batches, hand made, with hand-cut labels of new and exciting men's grooming products. Some will be...